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PIT CREW for the 2016-17 school year is currently being overhauled. Once we get the nuts and bolts together, we will post a Schedule and Progress. 


Hang in there!


Thank you for your support! 


Patching holes... and more holes... and more holes!  Well at least we are making progress on the body.  Many of the major panels including the cab itself are getting a lot of work done at recent meetings.  It is slow work for the kids but it is satisfying to see them get skills that require so much patience!

Mr. M. 

My entry tonight was eaten by the simpledifferent website creator.

Johnny C.

 While other students are home during winter break the dedicated members of the Pit Crew were here at Automotive working on the C10!  Body work preparation has continued with cutting back of rusted sections of the body and filing everything smooth for so it's ready for the next step.  The old transmission support was also removed today to make way for the new transimission and support for this customized build.  Progress toward an auction ready truck is made every day, and today was no exception.  I was excited to see how much got done this week when I came to check in on the project...  I am leaving with an updated parts list and am excited to see what gets done next!


Michele F.

 The Pit Crew has spent the long cold winter working on the C-10 during class time and in various after school sessions.  However much work lay ahead.  Today it was staining floor boards for the truck's bed.  Meanwhile the cab is sucumbing to an array of power tools that have stripped and cut panels that will be replaced curtousy of LMC Truck.

So let me start off by saying sorry for not updating the Pit Crew journal since September 25th, it has been a real busy year for the Pit Crew seniors. So I will bring you up to date.  We are well into the rebuilding stage now.   We have been receiving donations, buying parts, and painting refurbished part. The chassis is on wheels, the engine is in, the tranmission is about to be assembled. What we really need is a bodyshop willing to help us with the heavy body work. If you know of anybody willing to help let us know. We want to start up the collision repair program at our school again, but we need help.  Pit Crew has opened alot of doors for us, me and the rest of the guys working on this project, we would like these same doors to be open for future Automotive High School kids.  So if you can help us by spreading the word that we are looking for partners that would be great!  This way the truck can be finished this year. 


Abisai T.


The Pit Crew is one of many great after school programs. The Pit Crew shows you how to fix, repair old and new cars. The Pit Crew is a once in a life time opportunity for all grades to do things that you may never do in the regular world.  I think that when our project is finished we will feel great that we where a part of this program.

Ali N.

The Pit Crew is one amazing after school program, we work on many diffrent things but our main job is to finish our truck. We are no where near done but learn alot while we work. 

Lordels S.