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IO Classroom/ Skedula

IO Classroom/ Skedula is a great tool because you can:
• Instantly provide parents with homework, grades, progress reports, handouts and upcoming events.
• Show full online grade book with course preference options, file attachments and graphing components.
• Foster community with an internal messaging system for students, parents, teachers and administrators and group discussion area. Skedula – Increases Parent and Student Communication
• Give anecdotal Log Reporting including dean’s records, phone log, parent communication and more.
• Attach Digital IEP's for automatic links to current teachers to insure privacy and easy teacher online access.
• Easily view student biographical information, transcripts, exam history, progress report, programs, teacher's schedules, NCLB Progress, room usage, report cards and more.
You can also:
  • Easily insert and track individual student learning goals. Skedula-Expands the Outreach Efforts for Increasing Student Attendance Instantly call up attendance by student, course, teacher and more. Benefit from one-click access to internal attendance patterns.
  • Access online grade book, attendance, programs, and student information from your personal iPad.
  • Automate bulk mailing of attendance letters, deans referrals and other student progress reports.
  • Submit custom queries on attendance, grade book, credits, Regents, report cards, teacher progress and more.