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Academy of Software Engineering » Software Engineering Student Program Examples

Software Engineering Student Program Examples

The Academy of Software Engineering presents this years projects.  Second year students in the academy are working with the coding language of Python, a text based language.  First year students are working with a block programming language where they create games and apps.  Check back occasionally to see other games and apps coded.
 Click on links to see student examples (some are still 'works in progress'):
A math/computer science cross, checking if three input values can form the three sides of a triangle.
In Python code (select the 'play' on the top of the page to run):
In SNAP! code:
(press space bar to begin)
A few examples of a small text adventure game coded in Python. (remember Zork??)
Here is our version of "The Oregon Trail" titled "The L.A. Journey".
The PONG game from the first year class: